Yellow is the new Black

Yellow is the new Black

To promote the upcoming release of their new film ‘Minions’, Universal Pictures unexpectedly collaborated with world-renowned Art and Design College, Central Saint Martins, part of University of the Arts London,  in April – and we were lucky enough to get involved!

The brief for 120 foundation fashion and textiles students from CSM was to design and create garments and accessories, inspired by the little, yellow Minions from the original ‘Despicable Me’ films. 20 students were then selected to work on the project and the 10 best designers were then chosen to display their work at a one-off, highly exclusive fashion event where bloggers and high profile guests were taken on an immersive experience through design, music, dance and fashion, all inspired by the new film.


Here are the final ten:












Before arriving, guests were sent a surprise cardboard box in the post, containing an invitation to the event. See Youtube vlogger Joe Sugg open his here.

Prior to the fashion project the visual identity for the event was conceptualized by 3 BA Performance Design and Practice graduates and the students and graduates collaborated with Light Motif to transform CSM’s Platform Theatre into a minion wonderland, ready for guests to enjoy. The event itself was a great success, taking place on the 26th April.

On their journey, guests walked through a maze of different stages, including a popcorn adorned cave, a walk-in inflatable igloo (fitted with a snow machine!) and even a room filled with bananas – each one echoing a different theme found within the new Minion film. Guests then followed the music up a set of stairs and into an open space to find a multi level stage on which ten dancers appeared. Each dancer was wearing one of the ten winning minion-inspired designs made by the Central Saint Martins students. The dancers then put on an incredible performance, including break dance and breath-taking hoola-hoop spinning.

After the fashion showcase, guests were then given the chance to interview the young designers about their creations and take a look through their sketchbooks to see the creative process, all whilst enjoying a banana milkshake!





Follow the hashtag #minionscollective on twitter and check out these Youtube video’s for more:






‘Minions’, the film will be released in the UK on the 26th June.