Experiential AV

As well as more conventional AV solutions, our in house AV team are able to create completely bespoke interactive elements for an event.

From small individual retail POS displays to larger immersive events we will combine the latest technology in a cost-effective way to create something entirely bespoke for you.

In store display for an Adidas launch. Including custom scenery, vinyls, and an interactive touchscreen table.

This was used to display additional information about the product and encourage customers to increase dwell time as well as engaging with the launch.

Bespoke projection mapping for the ‘Minions’ film Launch. We combined stock inflatable structures with bespoke mapping to bring the characters to life in front of an audience of social media influencers.

In-Store activation in Harrods, to create a custom ‘buzz-wire’ game with a touchscreen controller, iPad registration app, and web-based leaderboard.

Our team custom coded the touchscreen, iPad app and website, as well as building the stand and installing integrated sound and lighting to respond when people won / lost the game. Players times were then relayed to the leaderboard.

Personal data was managed so as to comply with data protection regulations.

A collection of interactive activities built by our in-house team. Some ‘analogue’ and some digital, including a custom VR station.

Custom made painting information card stands. These custom made displays held the traditional information card for the painting, lit the card, and included headphones to play bespoke composed music to accompany the painting.

They also doubled as the ‘posts’ for the wire to keep guests from touching the artwork.

With a brief for an ‘analogue’ look, we took retro video wall screens to create a motion activated display so that when customers walked past they would trigger the CCTV camera to show them on the screen, with custom video effects over-laid. This was intersperced with pre-created brand footage.