Event Design & Management

Complete, integrated design of events creates the greatest impact and the best value.

From initial concept to final preparations on-site, our in- house team of designers will guide you through creating the right look and feel for your event.

We understand that imagining your event, many months before is tricky. Because of this, we have invested heavily in sector-leading techniques to help clients see their event  before it takes place.


Using a range of methods, from freehand sketches, our proprietory visualisation images, through to photoshop renderings, CAD and 3D visualisation, we can provide the imagery you need to be sure that your event will look the way you want, before any work starts on-site.

Whether you are a private client looking for the perfect style for your event, or an international organisation wanting a creative but ‘on brand’ event, our team is experienced at tailoring the design to meet your needs.


We can provide complete design solutions across many technical disciplines, and have a wide range of in-house skills. We do not believe in ‘standard solutions’,  as our events are not standard. We also integrate the technical aspects right into the initial designs, so that the perfect vision for your event isn’t ruined by last-minute additions due to practical constraints.