Introducing… Maddie

Introducing… Maddie

We have recently invited Maddie Johnson into the Light Motif offices for immersive Work Experience in the Events Industry. She has been busy helping out with every aspect of the business, in the office & on site. Here we asked Maddie to answer a few questions…

1. Name?

Maddie Johnson.

2. Role?

Intern at Light Motif.

3.  What attracted you to the events industry?

Events is such a fast-paced, creative industry that never fails to excite me. I particularly love the fact that, at Light motif, we are involved with every step of the event – seeing projects through right from the early stages of design to the final set up on site.

4. What are you enjoying most about working at Light Motif?

Going to meetings, being on site and getting involved with the marketing side of the business. I really enjoy writing blogs and updating social media for Light Motif and I’d definitely love to pursue Events Marketing as a full time career.

5. Quirky facts about yourself?

I decided to withdraw from University during my first year in order to pursue a more hands-on career in the Events industry, I love Musical Theatre (both watching and performing) and I am a County Level Archer.


To get in touch with Maddie please email: maddie@lightmotif.co.uk