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Ayrton Rivale

£ 200.00

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RIVALE PROFILE is the first ultra-equipped luminaire in AYRTONs brand new ULTIMATE series, all models being perfectly homothetic and sharing common features, delivering previously unimaginable weight to output ratios.

Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors, and in all conditions, RIVALE PROFILE, with its unique visual signature, is unparalleled on the market. Weight determines performance, and RIVALE PROFILE weighs only 28 kg. It is capable of outstanding performance unprecedented for a product in this category. To allow you more creativity and freedom in your lighting design, RIVALE PROFILE has been provided with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement. RIVALE PROFILE is fitted with a brand new high-efficiency 450-watt sealed mono-block LED. module calibrated at 6500 K that offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body to obtain perfect light neutrality. The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and zoom range of 4 to 52°. Equipped with a 160 mm frontal lens, RIVALE PROFILE can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4°, close to that of AYRTONS famous LT versions.

Additional Information
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 675.5 × 0.36 × 0.32 m