e-Luminate Festival

This innovative project brought together art and technology to showcase the best of light art. O+X is an interactive architectural game of noughts and crosses.

O+X enabled participants to play noughts and crosses on the side of the Guildhall. This large-scale classic game used LED lighting by Light Motif and was controlled using paper electronic technology supplied by Novalia. The installation was proudly sponsored by the TTP Group.

“Light Motif are an amazing and reliable supplier and event partner. Rob Mills and his team are professional and efficient troubleshooters with a wonderful creative touch. We keep going back to them as we trust they will understand what we want and deliver great results even with impossible deadlines.”Alessandra Caggiano, Managing Director.

Light Motif were also involved with the e-luminate Festival in 2015, designing and producing colourful and vibrant lighting displays on the side of The Guildhall, Barr Ellison Solicitors building and other sites.